Agentless Contextual Cloud Security

Secure everything under one roof; From cloud misconfigurations to cloud secret leakages to containers to images to workloads.

Holistic Approach to Cloud Security

Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) is an important step in securing your journey to the cloud but often fails to deliver when any of the cloud assets are vulnerable to an exploit. However, CSPM combined with PingSafe AI - in a single platform - can continuously monitor your risk & compliance and make an in-depth assessment of the cloud environment to maximise your security coverage. This platform provides continuous compliance monitoring of all your applications, regardless of where they’re running.

Ease of Use

Getting onboard PingSafe AI takes only a few minutes. You just need to head to our security hub and connect your cloud account. Upon connecting, PingSafe AI will automatically enable continuous compliance monitoring of your infrastructure for cloud security risks.

Actionable Insights

PingSafe AI merges and correlates CSPM data in order to provide a consolidated management interface for clouds and workloads with minimal noise.

Complete Multi-Cloud Environment Coverage

Instead of compartmentalising security processes and tools into cloud-centric versus workload-centric categories, PingSafe AI analyses your complete cloud infrastructure - without any agent. It includes any computing machine, container, security group, DNS entry, and account across AWS, Azure, and GCP.

PingSafe AI

Instant Alerts and Clear Action Items

Inbuilt Issue Tracking

24/7 Support

PingSafe AI has helped us in  public reconnaissance of our cloud assets.

Prashant Borde


Recko inc

Automated infrastructure audits using PingSafe AI has helped us protect our infra from cyber threats. We recommend PingSafe AI to all our portfolio companies.

Durgesh Suthar



An EdTech company had their MongoDB Instance accessible from the Internet, leading to millions of their user's data leakage.

An ECommerce Company made its file store public due to a security misconfiguration. The data was readily available on the dark web for sale.

An AWS access key of a payment gateway was leaked over GitHub, leading to a severe revenue loss.

An insurance company in India had their sensitive API endpoint accessible over the internet, leading to insurance document disclosure.

Product Features

Our product helps companies detect data leakages happening due to Cloud Security Misconfigurations and the public cloud.

  • Public Cloud Compliance and Governance
  • Inventory and asset management
  • Secure use of cloud identities and secrets
  • External risk exposure
  • Machine learning anomalies
  • Vulnerability and patch management

Flexible pricing plans that are ready to scale with your business.

Agentless coverage of everything

  • Continuous Assessment
  • Instant Alerts on Email/Slack/JIRA/PagerDuty
  • Team collaboration
  • Exportable Security Reports

Security Research by Our Team

Our team consists of top ranked hackers on bug bounty programs of Uber, Facebook, Twitter, Salesforce, LinkedIn and many more.