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Why PingSafe

PingSafe assists companies in detecting data leakages occurring due to Cloud Security misconfigurations. This integrated platform has been built by analyzing the root causes of thousands of data breaches. It detects security risks and helps prevent data breaches because of the public cloud (Azure, AWS, GCP, and Alibaba). This eliminates the need to deploy and maintain multiple tools such as cloud vulnerability management, workload protection, and security posture management solutions. 

Integrated Cloud Security Platform

PingSafe is an integrated platform that can continuously monitor your risk & compliance and make an in-depth assessment of the cloud environment to maximize your security coverage with low overheads.  
PingSafe helps maximize your organization’s productivity and minimize friction between your security, DevOps, and remediation teams, offering powerful alert query & automation capabilities.

In-Depth Scanning & Vulnerability Detection

PingSafe AI carries out in-depth scans rather than just cloud configuration checks like other CSPM solutions in the market. Our product is an advanced version of CSPM giving in-depth analysis about the company's assets, vulnerabilities, and leakage of their cloud credentials. PingSafe AI unifies the functionality of CSPM by automatically detecting vulnerability and preventing threats from spreading laterally through the enterprise without any performance impact on your workloads.

Lesser False Positives

PingSafe prioritizes risks based on environmental and business context and reduces the numerous security alerts by providing you with only the critical few. PingSafe gives only valid alerts and near to zero false positives. The alert fatigue is thus avoided and keeps your team focused on what matters.

Ease of Use

Getting on-boarded on PingSafe AI takes only a few minutes. You just need to head to our security hub and connect your cloud account. On connecting, PingSafe AI will automatically enable continuous compliance monitoring of your infrastructure for cloud security risks.

Agentless Multi-Cloud Compliance

Unlike others, PingSafe analyses your complete cloud infrastructure without any agent, including every computing machine, container, security group, DNS entry, and account across AWS, Azure and GCP. Instead of compartmentalizing security processes and tools into cloud-centric versus workload-centric categories, PingSafe provides end-to-end Security Governance and Cloud Compliance.


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