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Source Code Leakage Monitoring

PingSafe prioritizes risks based on environmental & business context and scans Github/ for companies’ sensitive source code leakages, some of which are inadvertently left publicly open and accessible.

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5 Ways PingSafe Source Code Leakage Monitoring Helps

PingSafe provides alerts if the company’s source code is leaked, which helps in preventing companies’ IPs from getting leaked in public repositories, and it doesn’t require any access to the company’s existing infrastructure to perform this action.

PingSafe helps identify public source code leakages that can result in a data breach.

It carries outsource code analysis to prevent vulnerabilities from attackers identifying vulnerable routes.

PingSafe prevents IP theft through comprehensive, in-depth, precise, and essential threat intelligence.

This helps protect the most valuable intellectual property and sensitive information.

PingSafe monitors source control configuration to prevent accidental leaks from detecting potentially exposed data, source code, login credentials, and API or Database instances.

Hackers run context aware analysis to hack.

Complete Visibility of Infrastructure from Hacker's Prespective

PingSafe provides complete external exposure of your infrastructure including your leaked source code, open buckets, open databases, vulnerable instances. PingSafe secures everything under one roof.

"One of our developer put our RDS database password on a public github repository. PingSafe alerted us immediately and we took it down."


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