Anand Prakash
Founder & CEO

Anand Prakash is a prolific security researcher who is famous for finding bugs in some of the world’s most popular apps and websites. He thrives off of “bug bounties” — large cash prizes he earns from companies in exchange for successfully hacking their systems and showing them their security flaws. Anand is supremely good at what he does, having discovered vulnerabilities at companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Uber. For the past 5 years, Facebook’s has ranked Anand as one of their top bounty hunters.And on Twitter’s bounty program, he’s ranked #3 world-wide. Anand’s reputation as a hacker has lead to him being featured in last year’s Forbes “30 under 30” for enterprise technology in Asia. And a major Indian news website declared Anand “one of India’s best known white hat hackers.”‍


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