PingSafe AI

Transforming Azure Cloud Security

Azure Cloud Security

PingSafe allows organizations to gain visibility into security and compliance posture, eliminate Azure misconfigurations with drift detection, and enable security automation with CI/CD integration and pre-deployment policy compliance checks.

Integrated Azure
Security Platform

PingSafe protects data, apps, and infrastructure quickly with built-in security services in Azure that include unique security intelligence to help identify rapidly emerging threats early so that you can respond instantly.

In-Depth Scanning & Vulnerability Detection

It scans containers, dockers, configurations, servers deployed across the company’s network in Azure to figure out any data leaks happening because of misconfigurations.

Cloud Credentials Leakage Monitoring

Scans public Github repositories for data leakage of your Azure cloud credentials and your source code.

Hacker Run Context Aware Analysis to hack

Gives complete visibility into your environment from a hacker’s/ bug bounty perspective.
Using PingSafe reduces vulnerabilities that white hat hackers discover in bug bounties related to infrastructure.

Agentless Multi-Cloud Compliance

Unlike others, PingSafe analyses your complete cloud infrastructure without any agent, including every computing machine, container, security group, DNS entry, and account across AWS, Azure and GCP. Instead of compartmentalizing security processes and tools into cloud-centric versus workload-centric categories, PingSafe provides end-to-end Security Governance and Cloud Compliance.

Shared Responsibility- Security and Compliance

Azure Cloud Security

Security in the cloud is the joint responsibility between the organization and the CSP (Cloud Service Provider) Microsoft Azure. Azure is responsible for the protection of the infrastructure that runs all of the services offered in their cloud. The organization is responsible for any data, applications, operating systems, and network or firewall configurations that run on the CSP's infrastructure.

Gain Visualization of Azure compliance with PingSafe’s powerful diagramming and reporting tools.

Facilitate comprehensive drift detection for critical resources.

Build Azure security and compliance into your software development lifecycle with PingSafe’s API and IaC checks.

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